About Us!

Beautiful, stylish and Unique Designed Wedding Socks, Bride and Groom Underwear, Bridal Tank tops and Wedding Bags, WEDDING SOCKS AND UNDERWEAR.COM offers wedding socks and Wedding underwear that is so cute everyone in the wedding party will taking photos of these little guys. A lot of our items are made in Sydney, Australia and Tokyo, Japan by our small team of designers.

Each Item is handmade from high quality material sourced right here in Australia and then designed by our wonderful but small team of designers in Tokyo. WEDDING SOCKS AND UNDERWEAR.COM wedding underwear and WEDDING SOCKS AND UNDERWEAR.COM wedding socks is the most comfortable and cutest pair of underwear and socks you will ever wear either on/before or after the big day!

For our wedding socks and wedding underwear we use a high quality cotton and some of the best fabrics available.We believe the guys should be able to wear whatever socks and underwear you like on your wedding but come on guys ditch the gym socks, throw away the old dirty whites and look the part for the big day (plus all our items makes a great keepsake after the wedding to remember they where once the groomsman on your beautiful day)

Each of our items is beautifully presented in our own unique packaging ready to gift onto your lucky bridal party girls and guys.